Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003 relating to fertilisers only applies to mineral fertilisers consisting of one or more plant nutrients. All other fertilisers, including so-called "biostimulants" are governed  by EU countries national legislation.


National fertilisers

An overview of national law with regard to fertilisers is currently under preparation. This overview will focus on label compliance and label requirements per country.

Since March 2016 the Commission has been working to propose a regulation which intends to ease the access of organic and waste-based fertilisers to the EU market, putting them on a level playing with traditional, non-organic fertilisers. Hence, fertilisers which are currently regulated under national law would then be fully or partly included in this new, revised regulation 2003/2003.


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EC fertilisers

EC fertiliser products are regulated at European level by EC Regulation 2003/2003, applied since 11 December 2003. The regulation only applies to mineral fertilisers though, consisting of one or more plant nutrients. In its Annex I, the regulation lists fertiliser types according to their specific characteristics. If a fertiliser product complies with the requirements in the regulation and its Annex, it may carry the mention "EC fertiliser" and be sold throughout Europe. Manufacturers must keep records ensuring that it is possible to trace a fertiliser while it is on the market and for a further 2 years after. Certain basic information, such as the manufacturer's contact details and the fertiliser's main properties must appear on packages, labelling and accompanying documents. 

Specific rules apply to primary and secondary inorganic nutrient fertilisers to  inorganic micro-nutrient fertilisers and to ammonium nitrate fertilisers of high nitrogen content. Certain product types have been added for liming materials and agronomic fertiliser additives, as well as inhibitors.

In March 2016 the Commission adopted a proposal to simplify the existing legislation and to extent rules to non-harmonised products, that is, those fertiliser products currently regulated by national law at MS level. 

Source: Safe and effective fertilisers on the EU market

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