Extension of approvals for risky active substances?

MEP Hazekamp raised the question on 30 August 2018

whether the Commission recognises that the use of 30 risky substances, of which five are very harmful (flumioxazine, thiacloprid, quizalofop-p-tefuryl, and chlorotoluron) substances (and in particular the five specified) is very risky to humans, animals and the environment?

She further wonders why the Commission has not applied the precautionary principle, and why has it reauthorised these substances without any reassessment? Also, she raises the question whether the Commission will impose an immediate moratorium on the five specified substances, so as no longer to expose human beings, animals and the environment to the risks associated with these substances.

The background of the question was that Foodwatch concluded that the Commission has been extending a large number of risky pesticides without reassessing the risks. Many of these substances are candidates for substitution.


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