France questions import of fruits from Turkey, treated with dimethoate

Updated: May 7

On 19 September 2018 MEP Philippe Loiseau (ENF) addressed the European Commission with the issue of the coherence of environmental, health and commercial policies. "Certain countries", so the statement, "including France two years ago, have banned dimethoate in the treatment of fruit trees, particularly cherry trees. The ban was accompanied by a safeguard clause aimed at countries that still use this product in their plant safety procedures. Now, by virtue of an order of 5 May 2018, France has authorised Turkey to export fresh cherries that have been treated with dimethoate to France. This puts a constraint on French farmers while the liberalisation of trade benefits their foreign competitors. Moreover, this situation ignores both the principle of health protection, which is at the heart of the ban on dimethoate, and also the health of citizens."

He asked the Commission when it intends to protect French consumer's health and French farmer's interests that use "ethical" practices to ensure compliance with statutory safeguard measures.


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