There are no “biostimulants” as such in the Spanish legislation. However, they can be placed on the market as so-called “other fertilizers and special fertilizers” (“otros abonos y productos especiales”) of group 4 of Royal Decree 506/2013.

These “other products” are defined in Article 14 as products that provide an other kind of fertilizer, either to soil or to the plant, substances that promote and regulate the absorption of nutrients or that correct physiological anomalies.

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Spanish Royal Decree 506/2013 - Translation of Annex 1 - Group 4 - other fertilisers and products

This document is the translation of group 4 of Annex 1 describing special fertilizer products and their specifications including labelling requirements. Most biostimulants would fall under this category.

Reference number: 29ESTLV00120200909
Number of pages: 8
Date of publication: 09 09 2020

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