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Regulatory support for biostimulants and biopesticides

Biostimulants legislation 

We are currently working to produce an overview of all biostimulants legislation in Europe and worldwide. These will be posted on this website. So far, summary overviews are available for Austria, Belgium, Italy, Sweden.

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Plant protection products

Label compliance check for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg, help with product authorisation in Europe and Russia.

News and updates

Fish bones as an Organic Farming Fertiliser



The Norwegian RESTOR project has tested fish bones and algae fibres as fertilisers for organic farming. This waste is currently usually incinerated. Algae fibres were residues after liquid fertiliser extraction from knotted wrack Ascophyllym nodosum seaweed (harvested from natural growth on the Norwegian coast). Fish bones are fish in N, P and Ca. Algafires contain K, Mg and S. Yields reach 75% more with nutrients showing rapid plant availability. More here

Global call for action on phosphorous


Since the Third European Sustainable Phosphorous Conference in Helsinki in 2018 challenges and solutions to improve phosphorous sustainability worldwide. To date, over five hundred scientists and experts have signed the "Our Phosphorous Future" call for international action on phosphorous. More here.

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