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EU consultation on environmental product claims

An EU public consultation is open until  3rd December 2020 on “Substantiating claims of environmental performance for products, services and businesses”. This targets PEFs (Product Environmental Footprints) but also addresses ecolabels, greenwashing, environmental performance reporting, sustainability ratings, harmonisation of environmental information.

The consultation aims to respond to the aim of establishing “labelling on the sustainability performance of food products” announced in the Farm-to-Fork Strategy. The announced objective is to identify policy options for substantiating environmental claims using Environmental Footprint methods. The online questionnaire addresses, in detail, what types of environmental claims should be authorised and under what conditions, how environmental footprint results should be communicated, how claims should be verified (conformity assessment).


Click HERE to check on the consultation on product environmental claims and PEFs (Product Environmental Footprints) 

Source: ESPP eNews n°47 (

University of Vienna is looking for a biostimulant or iron releasing product for testing

The University of Vienna is looking for biostimulant products possibly able to release phosphorus from iron in soils (certain ligands, humic substances, siderophores …) for testing. As part of the EU-funded P-TRAP project, the objective is to identify products or chemicals which can be used to improve the fertiliser value of secondary materials containing iron phosphates (e.g. iron materials after use in phosphorus traps, sewage sludge from works operating chemical P-removal), or to deliver to crops in a combined fertilising product containing both iron phosphate (possibly as iron (II) phosphate, vivianite) and an iron-accessing biostimulant.


Source: ESPP eNews n°47 (

Question of the day

Every day I get questions from people that could be of interest to others. You can still write me an email, but here is what might already help you, in case you have a similar question 😉

Hi there! We are an Australian company wishing to register a microbial product on the EU Market. We heard that do to that, we need to have a company in the EU, is that correct?

To answer your question, I would need to know which kind of “microbial product” we are talking about. Plant protection/pesticide or biostimulant/fertiliser?

Depending on the eligible framework, there might be a slight difference:


If you your microbial product is a pesticide (because of its claim, use intention, ingredients, effect etc.) it is eligible under the European Plant Protection Regulation 1107/2009. If you want to get an authorisation on the EU market, you have a have an address in the EU (this might also be another company with an address in one EU Member State, like mine. By that I mean, you do not necessarily need to set up a new company somewhere in Europe, an other company with their registered offices in one EU Member State would do the trick. Mind you- UK is no longer part of that game!). I presume that this is what your question referred to.


If your microbial product is a biostimulant (and herewith eligible unde the fertliser regulation, you have two possibilities:

- Either your product can be marketed (freely, no registration or authorisation needed) as an “EC Fertiliser”. In this case is must be compliant with provisions in Regulation 2003/2003. (the new updated EU Fertiliser Regulation July 2019/1009 comes into force only in July 2022).

- Or your product is not eligible under the EU Fertiliser REgulation and in this case national law would apply. In this case, you would have to choose where you want to place your product on the market (which country or countries and here a strategic choice is important, in case you want to market your product in more than only one country) and comply with national law. What is needed then needs to be seen on a case by case basis. 

Voilà ! In case you need help with it, just email me. 😎

Biostimulants legislation 


You are looking for national legislation on biostimulants? That's what I work on almost on a daily basis.  I retrieve the national applicable legislation, translate it into English and prepare overviews that provide you with the overall picture. So far, summary overviews are available for Austria, Bulgaria, and Italy. A summary of the new European fertiliser regulation is also ready. For Belgium, Spain, UK, overviews are in the making. In the meantime, you find there already some legislative documents for your use.

In case you do not want to miss when a new document goes online, subscribe to our website updates and check out my webshop. There you might find already now one or the other document that will help you.

Plant protection products

Since almost 20 years I deal with plant protection products, before discovering the fascinating world of biostimulants. While I did not yet have the time to provide information on biopesticides on this website, you can always contact me.

I can help you with label compliance checks for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg, as well as with product authorisation.

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