The key to success?

Having a dream and a vision;

being creative and authentic;

doing what you believe in and what you are good at,

having the necessary know-how;

being determined and...

overcoming your fear to fail!

Evelyne Elisabeth Güsken

Evelyne E Güsken
Founder and CEO

As a trained biologist she entered the world of scientific and regulatory consultancy in 1998, starting at the Weinberg Group LLC. After one year, she moved into the agricultural sector, working for several years at the European Crop Protection Association. There, she started to work on topics related to the Manufacturing and Supply Chain, followed by pesticide residues and human health, environmental risk management and finally regulatory issues. Since 2004, other topics such as biocides, feed additives and veterinary medicinal products came on her desk. The tasks to be executed ranged from reporting, information retrieval, risk assessment and registration work in European countries. Currently sciBASICS deals with biopesticides and fertiliser (biostimulants) registration worldwide.

Evelyne graduated in 1997 in biological sciences (Masters Degree followed by a special degree in cell biology) at the University of Namur, after 3 years of medical sciences.  She spent 6 months at the University of Stirling (Scotland) (special course on cell biology).

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